Strait Art Gallery
Watercolor, acrylic, pastel, color pencil artist

Artworks: Abstracts


When I worked for NASA we didn't have the
Hubble telescope to show us the outer universe.
We were surprised when we saw Cosmos as a tiny
peek into the outer space.

4¾" x 8"
Matte 11" x &14"
Acrylic, ink


The movie Avatar took me to another level of
fantasy. The creativity of the characters and
the scenery was what motivated me to paint
the floating mountains.

11" x 14"
2 prints
Original sold
$40 for print


Encaustics are made from acrylic, wax, alcohol ink and a torch

2 - 8" x 8"
Acrylic, wax, alcohol ink on hard canvas


A mixture of fun candy colors can create
a happy mood.

5½" x 7"
Matte 8" x &10"
Acrylic, ink

Three Feathers

This was the youngest Indian brave to earn
three golden feathers. His tribe honored him
with his choice of a colorful horse blanket.

5¼" x 8¾"
Matte 11" x &14"
Watercolor,Acrylic, ink

Life Stains

Life strains can be of a lost love in pink,
stress at work in brown, illness in violet,
or worries in blue can be a drain on energy
and memory. Or it can also open doors to new
and exciting adventures.

12" x 18"


Earthquake, eclipse, dark sky and blood on the cross.

5¼" x 7"


Kachinas were spirits or personifications of things
in the real world anything from an ancestor, a
location, a quality, a natural phenonomenon or a
concept. Although not worshipped each is view as
a powerful being who, if given venerationand respect
can use his power for human good,bringing rainfall,
healing, fertility or protection.

3½" x 5"
Color pencil, Acrylic