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Watercolor, acrylic, pastel, color pencil artist

Artworks: Animals

Coco In Jail

This was my first look at my rescued kitty, Coco. She had to stay in stray jail for a week in 2014. Love that cat.

10" x 14"

Three Friends

Three horses that grew up and played together are running from the approching storm.

10" x 24"

Ricky the chicky

Ricky the Chicky was painted in a Farm Animals class I took with Miriam Schulmann online. Fun fun time painting chicks, pigs and cows.

4¼" x 5½"

Hawk Eye

Birds of prey with high visual acuity.

9" x 12"
Graphic, ink, acrylic


Chinchilla Persians have beautiful black outlined eyes.Persians are the most popular cat breed in America.

8" x 10"
watercolor, pastel


Marcel is a Maine Coon - the largest of all domesticated cats. One of the oldest breeds in America specifically to the state fo Maine. The "Gentle Cat" is the official
state cat of Maine. A Maine Coon was the
Best in Show at the first North American Cat show in 1895.

8" x 10"
watercolor, pastel


Dixie is a rescue miniture horse. She is a therapy horse and pulls a wagon in parades in Pahrump, NV. She also visits the rehab center in Pahrump

8" x 10"
watercolor, pastel