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The Wisham tribe lived on the North side of the Colombia River in the Klickitat County from the Chinookan stock. They lived in a particulary salmon-rich 12 mile stretch of the river later known as the Dalles. It was the central trading place of the region. Lewis and Clark recorded 10,000 lbs of salmon traded in 1805.

5" x 7"
Acrylic on canvas


The Mohave lived along the Colorado River in the hottest part of the US - Death Valley. Mosa fished from a raft using nets and baskets to catch the fish. Mosa and her tribe grew crops in the dry region and believed in rain dances. She did not wear moccasins but wore tattoos made from blue cactus. Edward Curtis took this photo of Mosa in 1903.

8" x 10"

Mescalero Mary

The Apache Mescalero tribe lived in the South Central New Mexico named after Mescal Agave. They traveled east to hunt buffalo and south into the desert to gather Mescal Agave.

9" x 12"
Pastel + 1 print
$75 or
$30 for print

Strait Cowboy

Cowboys traditionaly herd cows and work on ranches. Cows were driven on trails to the central states for processing into the US beef.

5" x 7"

Flute Player

A representation of a Kokopelli practicing for a tribal powwow. Kokopelli is a diety for many North American natives. They played major roles in defining everyday moments in Southwestern Natives lives.

4" x 6"